Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Recent Happenings

I have about eleventy billion things I should be doing right now, but I just felt the need to come over here to my forgotten little blog space & write. Life has been a whirlwind of amazingness lately and I feel guilty for not documenting it (why do we always make ourselves feel guilty about the most ridiculous things?!). I've been told my blog was on life support (which at this point its probably kicked the bucket), but this is me trying to revive it :)

I created this blog back when I was a young, fresh faced, engaged, soon to be married, twenty-something and had ALL THE TIME in the world to play around on the internets. I vaguely remember what that felt like. LOL! Life is definitely a lot busier now, but oh so wonderful.

So let me see if I can get the blog caught up on our current Mac Pack happenings....

My kids are growing up way too fast, but I hear that's just the name of the game. It's like I blinked and they're tiny, little people now with their own thoughts and opinions (who LOVE to share them with us loudly!). Here are their recent pics from school. I literally can't even....

Mac Pack - Spring 2016

Sometimes I look at them and I'm just in awe that we created them (well us and the Big Man upstairs). And then other times when they're all screaming about something crazy and I can't even hear myself think, I wonder how on Earth I'm going to survive motherhood. And then they fall asleep and they go back to being little Angels and I just want to kiss their little cheeks and breathe in their smell :)

I remember being so worried about having 3 kids and how it would affect Char's life, but seeing them together is just so wonderful. The boys wake up and the first thing they ask is, "Where's Sissy?" They love to snuggle with her and she can calm them down by singing to them outside their bedrooms at night.

Cruz & Char on the train. Showing his "handsome" smile!
Colt wanting Sissy snuggles after his bath
My boys are crazy and I'm convinced I'm aging in dog years because of them! They're so fearless!!
Boys wrestling
My little men

Charlotte will soon be graduating Pre-K and starting Kindergarten in the fall, but that's all I'm going to say about that or I will be in tears :(
My Baby Girl

We recently adopted a little dog, Summer Moon, which was completely unexpected but we just couldn't say no to Charlotte. She's been "wanting one her WHOLE life!" and she's in absolute heaven with her new puppy dog!

Summer Moon has fit right in to our family and it's like she's always been here. I was expecting it to be a rough transition, but I guess when you've experienced twins everything else is easy! Haha!

Ryan and I are doing well with our businesses and I continue to thank God for bringing us the job opportunities that He did. Never in a million years did I think either one of us would be doing what we're doing, but it's just another example of how God's plan is ALWAYS better than anything we could ever dream up on our own.

We're really focused on giving more, paying down debt, and saving for the future! It's not easy when you have 3 little ones, but God is providing and we're doing our best to be good stewards with the financial resources He's giving us. Last week we made the final payment on our student loans and it felt like a weight was lifted!!

Celebrating! Another one bites the dust :)
I'm so blessed to do life with this man!! He works hard for our family and is so supportive of my goals and dreams. Even if that means he has to pick up my slack and do the laundry :)

So I guess that's about it for now. I don't live a glamorous life, but I pray it's a glorifying one!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cruz & Colt Turn 2!!

Cruz & Colt,

Happy birthday my little men! You both are officially 2 years old today!! Even though you're only a minute apart, Cruz likes to think he's the older brother and refers to you, Colt, as his "Baby Holt" (still working on those C's) ;-). Colt, I think you secretly love it, and you definitely enjoy being the "baby" of the family. I feel sure you're going to milk that for all it's worth. Ha!

It's been so much fun to watch you grow this past year and really see your unique personalities emerge even more. Even though we are raising you exactly the same, you are both very different individuals. I know I haven't done the best job documenting your milestones this year, but here are some things I want to remember about you right now:

Cruz (Cruzie, Cruzer, Bear)
  • You are such a sweet heart and tough dude all wrapped into one. You are so lovey, and give hugs and kisses non-stop. But you also give slugs and pinches too (we're working on it!) ;-).
  • You take your role as big brother (one you've adopted all on your own) very seriously. I'm pretty sure you think you're Charlotte's big brother too. We like to call you "The Enforcer" because if someone is not doing what they should, you will make sure they correct it. 
  • You LOVE to eat and you eat more than Charlotte and Colt combined. How you weigh the same as them is beyond me.
  • You also love to sleep! You are the first to fall asleep and the last to wake up. You even manage to sleep through your brother's crying.
  • We call you Bear because you sleep in hibernation mode and because when you get mad -- watch out! Don't poke the bear! Colt does A LOT of poking the bear!! 
  • Although you are tough, you are my sensitive soul and get your feelings hurt easily. You enjoy your snuggles and go back and forth between being a mama's or daddy's boy (usually it's Daddy).
  • You love to show us your "handsome smile" and that dimple of yours is going to get you out of  a lot of trouble!
  • You're a dancing machine and you've got moves I've never seen ;-)
  • You're showing interest in potty training and have even gone in the potty a few times!!

Colt (Coltie, Coltmeister, "Holt")
  • You are definitely the baby of the family. You want what you want and you want it now. Sharing? Forget about it! You're lucky brother will usually give up his toy so you can have it.
  • You are obsessed with all things sports. You are happiest when you have a ball(s) in your hand and can watch sports with Daddy on the couch. You will even sit on the couch and point to the TV saying, "Football! Football!" I think Daddy maybe secretly trained you to say that ;-).
  • You enjoy your food, but not like your brother. You definitely have a big sweet tooth too. 
  • You hate taking naps and prefer to get by on power naps at home. You also love to wake up first and spend some one-on-one time with me and Daddy in the mornings.
  • You also go back and forth between being a mama's or daddy's boy, but I think you like to snuggle with me just a teensy bit more ;-).
  • You are such a boy's boy, but you love all of your Sissy's pink and sparkly things. You especially love her pink, glittery crocs and her Elsa doll.
  • You show no interest in potty training, but are more than happy to cheer on your buddy! 
Both of y'all LOVE to listen to Adele (she's saved us from crazy meltdowns on many occasions) and you're all about lawn mowers. We watch youtube videos of people mowing the lawn all the time and your birthday party was lawn mower themed this year :-).

You refer to each other as "Buddy" and it's a little trick we use to get you to stop fighting. We just say, "Don't do that brother, he's your Buddy" and you'll usually stop and give the other one a hug and kiss. Not sure how long this will last, but for now it does. You both LOVE and adore your Sissy and enjoy jumping into bed with her to wake her up in the mornings. You are constantly in her stuff and messing up her things, but Sissy is pretty good about it most of the time. She loves y'all SO MUCH and I love that you run to her for snuggles when you get hurt. You both have a second mama for life. Get excited!

I never pictured myself as a boy mama and most days I feel sure I'm doing it wrong, but my goodness guys, you make life so fun (and crazy!). I think I tell Daddy almost every day (I'm sure he loves it), "Babe, can you believe we have twins?!" I think at this point when our house is a total disaster and both (if not all 3 of you) are screaming, he can. LOL! Our life is definitely crazy (and sometimes really hard), but I wouldn't want it any other way.

I remember the day we found out we were having the 2 of you. Daddy was sweating and I left the doctor's office in tears. Not because we weren't excited, but because we had NO IDEA how we were going to be able to do it. I remember thinking, "Why God? This wasn't the plan. There's no way I can do this." But you both are my daily reminder that God gives us the strength for every situation and His plan is ALWAYS so much better than anything we could think up on our own.

I love you boys so much and I feel so blessed to be your Mama!!

Here are some pictures from your 2nd Birthday!

The Lawnmower Cake
Singing Happy Birthday!
Cruz going in for it
Sissy "taking care" of brother
Cruz enjoying his cake
Who needs a spoon anyway?
Weed eater - our favorite gift!!
Finally got some boy toys!

Boys doin' work! C&C Lawncare coming soon! ;-)
Love you guys forever & always,

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What a Difference a Year Makes...Thoughts on Turning 32

So I know I haven't been very consistent with blogging this past year, but I always find it extremely therapeutic to write my thoughts down when I can. It's also super fun to go back and look at my life and where we were 5 years ago as newlyweds without a gaggle of how times have changed! :-)

Just for funsies I went back and took a look at what I wrote last year about turning 31. You can find it here. It actually hurts me to go back and read that post. It's not like I wrote anything terrible, but I can tell I wasn't myself. I turned 31 and that's ALL I had to say? Really?! Even my smile doesn't look like me. I was actually in the middle of a terrible funk, but from the outside looking in you'd probably never know.

I should have been happy. I had 3 beautiful babies, a wonderful and loving husband, super supportive family, good friends, a job I enjoyed...what the heck was wrong with me? I knew I should be happy and grateful for all my blessings, but deep down inside I just felt like something was missing. I was stuck in the day-to-day routine of life and I honestly didn't even recognize myself anymore. This is as good as it gets? Really? And then I felt like a terrible, ungrateful, brat for even thinking something like that -- it was a terrible cycle.

I knew something had to change. I could not continue the funk I was in. I prayed about it, cried about it, but wasn't sure what to do. It was about this time that I kept hearing about Beachbody coaching. I'd heard about it years before, but brushed it off as something I would never do. I didn't have time for it and it just wasn't my thing. But it kept showing up in my life. I swear every time I turned around I would read something about it or a video would come my way...

As ridiculous as it sounds, I truly believe God was pushing me towards it. But here's the catch -- I wanted NO part of it. I distinctly remember crying to my mom that I just had this feeling I should do it, but I didn't want to! I have 3 kids, I'm too busy, I don't want to have to sell stuff (been there, tried that, failed), it's a scam! But it's funny how God continues to gently push you into your purpose.

So I took a leap of faith and decided to give it a try. I was in a rut in my own personal fitness (my body was struggling to come back after twins) and if nothing else at least it would hold me accountable to my own fitness goals. I have always loved helping others get healthy and fit because I know what a difference it can make to your overall happiness. So I went all in!

I know this is going to sound so cliche and cheesy, but honestly becoming a coach has been one of the BEST decisions I've ever made in my entire life. I was immediately surrounded by a community of positive, supportive, empowering people who made me want to become the best version of myself. Part of our job is to work on ourselves from the inside out so we can pour out our best into the lives of others -- amazing concept, right?

I have not only been able to pull myself out of my funk, but I've had the honor of helping others take charge of their own health and happiness. I am not the same woman I was a year ago -- praise Jesus! For the first time in a long time, I finally feel like I'm awake! I have purpose, big goals, and now when I smile I truly am happy from the inside out!

I had someone ask me this week, "Are you where you thought you'd be at 32?" I hate to admit it, but I had never given it much thought. In the back of my head I hear my man Tony Robbins saying, "If you don't know where you want to be in 5 years, you're already there!" Eek! SO TRUE! So as I turn 32 today, I made myself sit down and get clear on my vision. I have my goals written, my vision board complete, and I am excited for what the future holds! I WILL make the rest of my life, the best of my life!!! :-)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Letter to Charlotte on her 4th Birthday

My Sweet Baby Girl,

Happy 4th birthday my love!!! I have no idea how it happened so quickly but you are officially 4 years old! I can't believe 4 years have flown by so fast (I think every Mama feels this way!), but I honestly can't remember what life was like before you. It's like I was living in a black and white movie -- then you came along and my life exploded with color!!!

You are my best friend, my mini me, and everything I ever hoped for in a daughter! I wish I could tell you how much I love you, but words cannot express all the love I have for you in my heart. I hope you always know just how much you are loved but don't worry, your Daddy and I will remind you every day ;-).

This past year has been fun and trying all in one. I'm not gonna lie, 3 was a little rough (especially at the beginning) as you have learned to voice your independence :-) and I have really had to work on my patience. What's funny is that sometimes I see you get frustrated and I see myself in you. I totally know how you feel and I also know that no one will be able to calm you down when you get upset. Sometimes our Type A personalities just need to have a freak out moment. Trust me, I get it ;-). But you know what? I wouldn't change a thing about you. I LOVE that you are intense, strong willed, opinionated, feisty, and too smart for your own good. You also have the biggest heart, the best smile, and are still my little snuggle bunny. You are absolutely perfect and a true masterpiece from heaven!

You also have grown into THE BEST big Sissy and your brothers absolutely adore you! You sing to them at night when we lay them down to sleep, and the first thing they do when they wake up is run to you for a big hug and kiss. You are wonderful with them and watching you three play together makes me so happy! That's not to say we don't have our share of sibling spats -- there is a ton of hair pulling, biting, scratching, and pushing, but you are so patient with them. Thank you for teaching them how to be little love bugs and showing them how we behave :-). They are so lucky to have you as their Sissy (and let's be honest, second mama) and I have no doubt you will keep them in line for the rest of their lives ;-).

Charlotte you are absolutely AMAZING in every way! I know God has BIG plans for you and your life and I just pray you have the courage to go out and do what He's called you to do! Just know that I will always be your #1 fan and no matter what I am here for you. Thank you for stretching me and making me grow into a better person and Mama every day. I love you bigger than the moon!

Love Always,


P.S. Here are some pics from your 4th birthday. You had a blast!!! 

Cruz trying to be front and center ;-)
Pure joy!
Your Doc McStuffins cake at your Zoo themed party :-)
Opening your gifts in style
 Cruz enjoying a snow cone
Colt enjoying his cupcake
And you enjoying your cake!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Most Delicious Mexican Casserole Ever

I posted this picture on facebook last night and I've been asked to post the recipe. I love Mexican food, but it isn't usually considered healthy. BUT -- I can healthify anything! ;-)

This recipe is super delicious and my husband loved it! It is also 21 Day Fix approved and I've even included the macro breakdown for those who use My Fitness Pal. For those of you who don't know... I run ONLINE fitness accountability groups to help get people through workout programs, teach them what they can get away with food wise (haha) and STILL get to their goal weight, and how to turn healthy choices into a realistic lifestyle. One of the perks of joining a challenge is that I also provide fitness tips, coaching, meal plans, and yummy recipes like this! I have another challenge group starting in May so contact me if you're interested in joining!

Mexican Fiesta Casserole

·         1 lb Lean Beef or Turkey (93/7)
·         12 Corn Tortillas
·         1 – 16oz can of Fat Free Refried Pinto Beans
·         1 – 4oz can of Diced Green Chiles
·         ½ Red Pepper – diced
·         ½ Yellow Pepper – diced
·         ½ Medium Onion – diced
·         2 Tbl Olive Oil (to sauté veggies)
·         1.5 Tbl Chili Powder
·         2 tsp Ground Cumin
·         1 tsp Sea Salt
·         1 tsp Ground Coriander
·         ½ tsp Onion Powder
·         ½ tsp Garlic Powder
·         ½ tsp Ground Oregano
·         ½ tsp Paprika
·         6 Tbl Shredded Cheddar Cheese

1.       Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Dice the peppers and onions. Saute red pepper, yellow pepper, and onions in olive oil until soft. Remove from skillet and set aside.
2.      Brown your ground meat in skillet until almost done. Add green chiles to meat and finish cooking through.
3.       Add cooked peppers, onions, and all seasonings to the meat mixture along with ¼ cup of water. Simmer for about 10 minutes.
4.      Spray the bottom of a 9x13 pan with cooking spray and line the bottom of the pan with 6 corn tortillas.
5.       Spread ½ the can of refried beans over the tortillas. Spread ½ the meat and vegetable mixture over the tortillas and beans.
6.      Layer the remaining 6 tortillas on top of the meat mixture. Repeat spreading the refried beans and remaining meat and vegetable mixture.
7.       Sprinkle the cheese evenly over the top.
8.      Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes or until heated through. Cheese should be hot and bubbly.

*       You can add a dollop of sour cream or a few slices of avocado on top too!

Makes 6 servings (servings are BIG!)

21 Day Fix – 1 red, 1 yellow, ½ green ½ blue
My Fitness Pal – 352 calories (37 grams carbs, 25 grams protein, 12 grams fat)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My April Experiment...

I told myself at the beginning of 2015 that THIS was going to be my year! As we close out the first 3 months of 2015, I can honestly say I'm proud of how I've started out this year. My goals were to serve others more, pursue my passions, and live a life that shines for God! I feel like I'm off to a good start :-)

I was in a funk coming out of 2014. It was a rough year both physically and emotionally and it drained me (perhaps I had some postpartum things happening, I don't know).  I decided I had to make a choice. I could either wallow in self pity or make a decision to change my attitude and work on myself from the inside out. So that's what I've done and I've gotta tell you, I FEEL AMAZING!!! Praise the Lord!

But since I'm a constant work in progress, I've decided to take it up a notch and create a little April experiment for myself. I have decided to push myself out of my comfort zone (eeeek! Insert scared emoji face here!) and do things that make me feel a little (or perhaps A LOT) uncomfortable.

I'd like to commit to doing something to push me out of my comfort zone every day for the month of April, but let's be real, that's a little overzealous ;-). So my goal is to do 15 things (that's doable, right?) this month that make me want to cringe and crawl into bed and put the covers over my head. It's time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

So to start off my April experiment, I ate lunch at a dining hall on campus.....BY MYSELF! I realize that may not be scary to some, but I don't do things by myself - ever! #babysteps
I didn't even allow myself to hide behind my phone. I sat there at a table, by myself, and ate my lunch. Yes, it was awkward and I felt super uncomfortable, but I did it!

Now just 14 more uncomfortable things to check off my list. Any suggestions?

Friday, March 20, 2015

How Often Do You Date Your Spouse?

So I'm curious -- how often do most people go on dates with their spouse?

I'd say we go on an official date night about 2 (sometimes 3) times a month. When Ryan and I worked together (the first 4 years of our marriage) we never really made dates a priority. When we were able to commute to work together everyday and eat lunch in each others office, it never really seemed like we just "needed" to reconnect. Flash forward to now, and I definitely think it's necessary.

It's amazing to me how busy life can get. Between work, kids, cooking, laundry, attempting to clean, and running from one thing to the next -- it can become so easy to have a whole day go by and not have really connected with your spouse, ya know? I really think we have to be intentional in making sure to reconnect on a daily basis, but it's HARD. I read somewhere once that if a married couple can have just 15 minutes of uninterrupted conversation (not pertaining to the kids, life logistics, etc.) every day, then they are more likely to have a successful, fulfilling marriage. At the time I read this, we were easily getting 15 minutes of uninterrupted conversation twice a day in our daily commute. I patted myself on the back and thought, I've got this marriage thing in the bag ;-). Oh life is funny!

Now we're lucky to get 15 minutes of conversation in a day. And uninterrupted conversation is almost non-existent unless we are out of the house and away from the kids. I really wish it were different, but I honestly think it's just the season of life we're in. BUT -- I refuse to just let this happen to us. Over the past few months we have really made a conscious effort to get out of the house (thanks for babysitting Mom!) and spend time together. I always feel so much better when we do and I now know date night has to be a priority in our marriage.

So how often do you do date night? Got any fun date ideas?

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